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As of August 10, 2012 all Student E-Mail accounts have moved to Office365.
To access your e-mail via the web use the office365 Login

You will also need to reconfigure your e-mail clients, smartphone and tablets. Detailed information, including FAQ's and setup instructions, can be found at

Faculty / Staff:
As of May 1, 2012 all Faculty and Staff E-Mail has moved to

To manage e-mail lists use the login below.


(AOL and Satellite users may need to check this box)


Default and Expired Passwords:
Lists will not accept any default or expired passwords.  If you are using the default password or have not changed your password in the last 90 days you will need to do so before you can access lists.  Please click on the following link to change your password: UCCS IT Password Change


Username Help:
Your Username is typically the first letter of your first name followed by the first seven letters of your last name for a maximum of eight (8) letters. Should there already be an account with your username in the domain, your username will have a digit as the last character to make it unique.


Password Help:
(Please pay attention to the upper and lowercase letters as indicated. Case is significant.)
The pattern for default passwords is Mmm####N where:
          Mmm = first 3 letter of the birthmonth (Jan = January)
          #### = last 4 digits of the student ID number for students (employee ID number for staff and faculty)
          N = first letter of last name capitalized
For example, Jane Doe, 123456, born in April, would be Apr3456D. If that doesn't work, contact the Help Desk at 255-3536.


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